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E/M Service Documentation Provided by Students Manual Update

CMS has made a major revision regarding E/M documentation provided by Medical Students.  Students will now be allowed to document all components of the E/M.

  • The Teaching Physician must perform (or re-perform) the physical exam and medical decision making components of the E&M service being billed.
  • The Teaching Physician must verify all information in the medical record and perform or re-perform the exam and medical decision making.
  • A macro or handwritten attestation could be used that includes " I personally performed Physical Exam and the medical decision making portion of this note  and verify all information in the note has been reviewed and confirmed by me.   Dr signature ________  Date________
  • This revision is for E/M documentation only and would not include any procedures. 

If you have any Teaching Physicians that you personally code for let us know so that we can pass this information on to them.

To review the Updated Manual click here!

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