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Best Coding/Billing Practice Tips

Best Coding/Billing Practice Tips from Rebecca Whitfield, CPC:

  1. When scheduling appointments verify current insurance information:
    • ask are there any upcoming changes
    • update demographics
    • inform patient if there is an outstanding balance.
  1. Office registration:
    • obtain copy of photo ID and insurance cards
    • obtain signed updated practice policy documents.

These two tips can increase the success rate of claims going to the correct payer, statements going to the correct patient address and the collection of patient outstanding debt.

Rebecca W

Rebecca Whitfield, CPC

I’m Rebecca Whitfield, Co-Chair of the Mid-Michigan Chapter of MMBA. I am energized by the plans we have for this year as we are gearing up for 2022 events. I enjoy providing great client and patient services. As account manager for several specialties, I go above and beyond to develop strategies to guide my teams through billing processes to increase clean claim submission rates. There is never a dull moment in healthcare, only opportunities to improve. I look forward to the adventures of this year including summer barbecues and creating fresh fruit sorbet.

Best Coding/Billing Practice Tips from Jill Young, CPC, CEDC, CIMC:

When I think of two things I could offer as tips:

Young J 002

Jill Young, CPC, CEDC, CIMC

My name Is Jill Young, and I am Co-Chair of the Mid-Michigan Chapter. Both Rebecca and I are new as leaders of this chapter, but we have Laticia Wing as a great resource to us to ensure a smooth transition. As a consultant, education is my business, but coding is my joy. I love my books – yes, I am a hold it in your hand person. Helping our members to learn things that will help make their jobs easier and more efficient is important to both of us. The lectures that MMBA has presented virtually during the pandemic to keep our members up to date and informed are of a quality and value that I have not personally seen anywhere else in our community.


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