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Claims Migration

As you know, we're migrating to a new claims repricing platform that requires a change in the traditional Cofinity claim submission workflow. The new platform will streamline our administrative processes and help us improve the service we provide to you and our payer clients.

Please see the attached UPDATED list of Payers that have completed Migration, I've also included list in excel format if makes easier to copy/use provided information. 
Additional Note- All payers that have completed migration have sent new ID cards to all members, Cofinity Network will be identified with Cofinity logo on the front of the ID card and all Claim info/addresses have been updated on the back of the card.  Cofinity will still be pricing the claims for the payers, so nothing is changing contractually.
How this impacts you
We've already started the payer migration and will continue that process through October 1, 2019. Once a payer migrates to the new platform, you'll need to submit claims for your Cofinity members to the payer, instead of Cofinity. You can use the attached payer migration list to identify those who've completed the migration. The list and updates will also be posted on our secure, starting in mid-March. You'll need to log in with your secure credentials, then go to the Provider Tools page and click on Payer Migration Report.
You'll also find the following claim submission information on your patient's member ID card:
  • Payer's electronic payer ID
  • Mailing address for non-electronic claims
Grace period for making the change
We realize that you may need to make system changes to ensure claims are sent to the correct payer. To allow you time to make the change, we're accepting provider-submitted claims through November 30, 2019. After that date, we'll return claims to the submitter with a reminder to check the patient's ID card for the claim submission instructions.
Have questions? We're here to help
We value our relationship and want to ensure that there's no disruption in the processing of your claims. Contact Cofinity Customer Service at 800-831-1166 with questions.

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