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In-Person Chapter Meetings

MMBA organizes educational seminars on medical billing, coding, other medical office topics to keep members abreast of current information. Speakers representing third-party payers and experts from various health care fields are often asked to participate. MMBA holds three in-person meetings a year covering various hot topics. Chapter meetings are open to non-members for a nominal fee and FREE to members. Our in-person meetings are open to all members regardless of chapter location.

Continuing Education Units

We strive to create as much valuable content as we possibly can for our members. We offer a variety of content relating to topics revolving around medical billing, coding, and the physician office professional. We create the following CEU amounts per year:

  • 12 CEUs per year with our LIVE webinars.
  • Three to five CEUs per in-person meeting, with three in-person meetings scheduled each year.
  • Between 10-12 CEUs from OnDemand Webinars available from last year's content until the expiration date.
  • Six CEUs per year from our Annual Expo.

Our CEUs are accepted by AAPC, AMBA, and AHIMA!

Annual Billing Expo

MMBA hosts an all-day event in the Fall of each year. This meeting covers timely billing and coding topics. MMBA non-members are welcome to attend for a nominal fee, and members may attend this meeting at a significantly discounted rate.


MMBA membership offers a HUGE variety of networking opportunities. Members can access our Q&A Forum, interact with a variety of people in the healthcare field including billers, coders, managers, and third-party payer representatives at the various chapter meetings held throughout the state. Expo is a great place to network with us, the vendors we have, and the variety of speakers we promote. We are on social media platforms now, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Q&A Forum

MMBA offers a Members-Only Q&A Forum. Our forum allows you to ask difficult questions, post replies to others having similar issues, and follow interesting discussions. You will receive answers from your peers, as well as the board.


MMBA has partnered with the American Medical Billing Association to offer a certification program for billers. The Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS) certification allows medical billers, managers, and coders to distinguish themselves and become more competitive in their line of work. Certification helps you stand out in the crowd to be recognized as a competent and dedicated individual in this profession. Again, MMBA's CEUs are accepted by AAPC, AMBA, and AHIMA.

Job Openings

Our website allows employers to post various job openings. We are also working on getting a forum set up where members can post jobs they are interested in, or in search of, to help employers connect with knowledgeable an accredited employees.

Billing Buzz

MMBA’s Billing Buzz is an online E-Newsletter filled with the latest industry hot topics, membership news, and helpful resources to help you and your office succeed. Our Billing Buzz is sent out on the 5th of every month and is a FREE resource to anyone who creates and registers a profile here on our MMBA website.


MMBA's Annual Membership fee is an extremely affordable rate for what you receive from us. We take great pride in how great of a deal our membership is, and we work very hard to keep our prices as low as possible for our members. It is our mission and our goal to provide reliable and great content at an affordable price. Having more members helps us offset our costs and keep providing the best content and competitive pricing, so please consider sharing our information with a friend, colleague, or family member you know is in the field of medical billing, coding, or other medical/physician office type of work. Did you also know that if your office registers for three memberships (or more) you get a GROUP DISCOUNT?! Isn't that just the cherry on top of affordability!


Reminder: MMBA Memberships run on a calendar year basis, ending on December 31st.