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The Importance of Taxonomy Codes

Did you know that submitting claims with missing or incorrect taxonomy codes may cause your claim to deny and will delay provider reimbursement?

Knowing the correct taxonomy code is important for claims submission.  There are several locations that you can obtain assistance to make sure the taxonomy codes you are billing with are correct.  Below are a couple of resources we have found helpful:  

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has provided helpful information on finding your taxonomy code.  For more information use the link provided.

National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) can also provide you with Health Care Provider Taxonomy Code Set:

Verifying the providers taxonomy in NPPES, CAQH, and your billing system is crucial.  One number or letter off can cause a huge headache.  Take the time to verify NPPES, and CAQH when you have a new provider.  It is better to catch it in the beginning rather than to start billing and have the payer catch it and have to deal with takebacks.

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